Volunteer For Trail Building:

Forest Trails Alliance, or FTA, is a local trail building club. They are a Nevada City based club with their new Trail Center building, the tin shop on the left on Hwy 20 as you head east out of Nevada City, as their new home.

They plan and build local trails with volunteer help and custom tools. They need all types of skills, dirt workers to web masters.

Contact FTA to volunteer for work building and maintaining local trails, as well as promoting rides and other fun activities.

Online at www.foresttrailsalliance.org

Or connect to FTA on Facebook to see videos and pictures of trails being built and other fun activities, Forest Trails Alliance on Facebook

This fall 2016 FTA will start working on the new segment of the Scott's trail that wraps around the lake. Some bridges to be built as well as the trail.
I think the Mexican mine trail is next to be built, earlly next year. This trail will start above Forest City and drop 3000 ft to Goodyears Bar to the N. Fork Trail, connecting to Downieville. A epic trail for sure.

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