Location: Sawtooth Ridge Trail is located in Truckee Ca. If you are in downtown Truckee,on Donner Pass Rd take a right on Brockway and head out of town. Then take a right at the 7-11 store onto Palisades Rd which turns into Ponderosa Drive.Take a right on Silver Fir and left on Thelin Drive then look for the first right which is the gated Forest Service 06 dirt road. Head up this USFS 06 dirt road a short way and you will see a parking area on the right, park here.

Sawtooth Ridge Trail: The Sawtooth Ridge Trail can be done as a loop, in either direction. The trail is about 9 miles long and fairly easy and good for intermediate skilled riders. The regular loop starts out of the parking lot on the right {west}side of USFS 06 road. Trail heads over to the rim and follows that for a bit, then after 1.5 miles there is the crossover spot for the loop. Kinda like a loop with the start at the panhandle. Both ways are fun...
You can also do another longer version of this ride and incorporate more side trails if you start on the left {east} side of USFS 06 and ride the Happy Face Trail before connecting into the Sawtooth Ridge Trail. You can also combine this with the Schaeffer Creek Trail that takes you into the Northstar ski area. There are a multitude of routes to the Northstar area, Brockway, or even to Tahoe City too as you get to know the area.

Other Trail Rides: Our favorite alternate route is to start at the parking lot and cross the USFS 06 road and take the Happy Face Trail singletrack heading south . A short way will bring you to a intersection keep to the right or forward. Trail climbs gently meandering around rocks and pine trees. 1/4 mile you pass over a dirt road, keep going forward climbing. There is a log obstacle and a slot rock to ride through. Less than a mile or so you cross a second dirt rd. It gets a little steeper winding up a hill. You come to a intersection, keep to the right on the 2 track.{The single track going up the steep hill is the Happy Face Trail section that is real steep, and it climbs up to the power lines. There is a nice overlook before the trail descends to the dirt road. I think it’s easier to climb it the other direction…} A short ride on the 2 track and you will come to a big "Y" intersection. Has a island in the "Y" and you want to stay straight or slightly left and you will see a singletrack trail. Trail winds around some trees and drops down and then you come to and start following the power poles .A fast trail with a small technical rock section and one dirt rd crossing.You will be riding under the power lines for 3/4 mile or so then you will jog off to the left, away from them. More singletrack through pine forests, there's a log jump then you come to a dirt road. Take a right on the dirt road for 30 ft then a left onto Sawtooth Ridge Trail. This singletrack trail is signed . Continue on the Sawtooth Trail to the next dirt road intersection. At this point you can continue on the Sawtooth Trail or check out the Schaeffer Creek Trail.
To ride the Schaeffer Creek Trail take a left on the dirt rd, it will drop down to a “T”. Take a left at the “T” and in a few feet the road ends at a turn around with boulders around it. Continue through the boulders onto the singletrack. Stay straight and you come to a meadow with a big pine tree . They just changed the trail, you used to continue past the pine tree riding through a meadow. Now you go past the tree 50 ft or so and take a right into the forest on a new trail that takes you around the meadow. After a few 100 yards you come to a spot where you can take a right and cross a creek or continue forward. Continue forward on the Schaeffer Connector trail. { This trail has been changed and the changes aren't on my map yet, so be aware.} If you decide to take a right and cross the creek you will come to a intersection and on the left is the Schaeffer Trail or the 2 bridges trail as I noticed on the sign the other day. I need to make some changes on my map...I usually come back on the Schaeffer Trail and like to go up the Schaeffer Connector.

On the Schaeffer Connector Trail,continue on singletrack trail, following the creek. You cross the creek and will pass through 2 gates. The trail climbs turning to a rutted out dirt rd then comes to a 4 way intersection. Take the left here on the dirt road {there is a 700 rd sign on a tree} and that drops a short way to cross Schaeffer Creek. You will see the next section of Schaeffer Creek Trail marked with a sign on the right after you cross the wooden bridge. { Northstar spells it Shaffer} Continue up the creek on Schaeffer Creek Trail. After passing through the Aspens you will see the ski lift. That’s the Backside Express lift for Northstar Skiing and it’s a good place to take a break after all the climbing. After the break drop back down the creek, cross the wooden bridge again and ride back up to the 4way intersection. The Schaeffer Trail continues on your left right after passing through the 4 way.[ Just look and you will find it} This section of trail drops you back down to the creek and there are 2 boardwalks before you reach the trail intersection before the meadow. At this point you are going back the way you rode in… cross the creek, ride through the meadow past the big pine, cross the creek, to the dead end with the boulders. Take the first right and climb up back to where you see the Sawtooth Ridge Trail crossing the road and take a left on to the Sawtooth Ridge Trail. The 2nd road you cross is USFS 06, if you need to bail take a right here, otherwise continue on the Sawtooth Ridge Trail. You are riding near the rim over looking Hwy 89. Some great views and after a bit there is a left turn that takes you out to overlook spot. It’s a short looped trail and worth the ride for the view from the palisades. Continuing on the trail rolls following the rim till you come to a intersection where you want to keep to the left {This is the crossover part of the Sawtooth Ridge Trail loop and the road is the USFS 06}. Trail winds back to the rim again with more overlooks, then after 1.5 miles you come back to the parking lot.
Its a great trail and I hope you enjoy it... The Fish

Pictures of the Sawtooth Ridge Trail
Pictures of the Shaeffer Creek Trail