Omega Drop-in

 Comments: Don't consider riding this trail unless you are a explorer type and like to bushwhack old trails. This is an old access to the Omega diggings area…probably was an Indian trail at first and then became a miners access road. {When I first started hiking this area this was still somewhat of road. It's been logged twice and gotten overgrown since then.} This is the shortest way to Omega Road and the mines. There are a lot of rocks, trees down, and brush on this trail. It needs some cleanup! It is a one-way trail…downhill. The top end is up at the Omega Rest Stop, and the bottom pops you out across from the cemetery and the Omega Diggins. There is a lot of private property in the area so be aware… I enjoy checking out the cemetery and exploring the Omega mine area. The trail has a 800 foot drop in about 1.5 miles. Not real steep, just a rather overgrown and logged, primitive trail.
  Trail Access: The Trail Is 19 miles east of Nevada City off Hwy 20. {Gold Country Map} Park at the Rest Stop or Chalk Bluff Road. {I like to park at the Old Omega Road but it's hard to find and a little rough getting in and out of.}
 On The Trail: Starting at the Omega Rest Stop {Map}head east past the bathrooms and the ski info sign and onto the frontage dirt road. It's a very short distance to the first road crossing, take a left here. {There are piles of gravel here, piled for road work and you will see gate posts without a gate where the road starts.}There is a split in the road here keep to the left and drop down. First the road is dirt, then some gravel, then after .1 mile a section of asphalt. 200 ft past where the asphalt ends and on the left The single-track starts. Right past where the asphalt ends the road widens and flattens out just a bit… Right past this on the left is a log along side of the road. The trail starts behind the log.{Picture} Once you get through the brush you can see the roadbed.
Well the first part is rocky, and then there are a lot of dogwoods, spider webs {for the folks in front}, and fallen trees to cross. {You will be thinking at this point…where is my chainsaw?}
  After a bit you come on some downed trees, keep to the left here…downhill. It's kind of a creek bed at this point and a lot of slash on the trail. You come to a spot where you pass a old canal and the it flattens out a little. Continuing through the flat you keep to the right next to a downed log and the trail crosses a small dry creek gully. The trail follows the left edge of a gully. The rest of the trail has been logged and you need to pick your way down through it to get to Omega Rd. You will probably end up west of the cemetery rd. when you pop out on Omega Rd. Check out the cemetery, it's a good place to relax after all that bushwhacking. {Picture}
  The entrance to the Omega Diggings is just past the cemetery on the left. { The ghost town and the Omega Diggins are private property though.} Well you can continue to the spring for some water, that's to the left and about .7 miles. {Picture} If you are real adventurous {and in good shape} you can continue on to Eagle Bird Drop and Washington.
  To loop back up to the Omega Rest Stop head west {left} on Omega Road for approximately 2 miles. Look for a road on the left going up the hill with a "dead end" and a not recommended with a slash across a car sign. This is what I call the Old Omega Road. {It was the main Omega road 25 years ago.} This road is about 1.7 miles with a 600 ft elevation gain. You cross over Sardine springs near the top…which is the beginnings of Scotchman's Creek that runs between the Alfa And Omega Mines. There are great views of the Omega Diggins and the Yuba Canyon too near the top. If you are parked at the rest stop you will need to cross the road to where the road sign is and 60 ft off the road you will cross the motorcycle trail. The Pioneer Trail is 60 foot beyond this. {Both these trails follow the road to the rest stop, running next to each other. I usually take the Pioneer back.} It's 1.5 miles to the Omega rest Stop and you cross Chalk Bluff Road on the way. Look for a trail coming in from the right that heads to the rest stop after 1.5 miles.
 Well you can also consider dropping down to Washington on Alfa Road…it's 4.5 miles west on Omega Road. {A few miles past the Old Omega Road.} Right before you get to the highway the Alfa Road is on the right. {Picture}
Well I hope you enjoy this primitive trail. It's part of the local history, and if we don't use it we will lose it!
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