North Yuba Trail

Update: N. Yuba Trail now extends from Downieville to the Rocky Rest Campground. The four mile Downieville to Goodyears Bar section was just punched through in late spring 2009. I have't ridden this section yet so I'll post info and a updated map as soon as I ride it.

North Yuba Trail: The N Yuba Trail parallels the south side North Yuba River and HWY 49 for 7-miles. Its a difficult trail due to the the fact there are steep grades and exposed cliff edges. {Cliff picture}Recommenced for intermediate to advanced skill levels. If I remember correctly there is probably 1000 ft. of elevation gain going downstream {Goodyears Bar to Rocky Rest Campgrounds} and probably 1200 upstream. Its a beautiful trail with lots of creek crossings and spectacular river views. There is no road access on the trail side of the river. The trail elevation is between 2600' to 3000' and is usually open year around.
Trail Access: The North Yuba Trail is located 40 miles east of Nevada City and 4 miles west of Downieville Ca. on Highway 49. See the Gold Country Map for directions. The west end of the trail starts at the Rocky Rest Campground off HYW 49. Park in the day use area. The trail crosses the river here over a foot bridge. The east trailhead is at Goodyears Bar on Mountain House Road. From HWY 49 you cross the river on a narrow bridge and pass through the small community of Goodyears Bar. Take a right at the stop onto Mountain House Road. Continue out of town and it's a short distance to the trailhead parking area. One thing to note is that some Goodyears Bar folks don't care for any out of towners so don't run the stop sign or they will complain...
On The Trail: If you are going to ride one way I would start at Goodyears Bar. For a out and back I like to start at Rocky Rest because has a area to relax with picnic tables and porta-potties. No drinking water though. Taking the highway back is an option due to the fact that there is very little traffic on HWY 49. Enjoy the ride and I'll see you on the trail.
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