Here are some very old trail movies that I have put together with the help of my friends.
These movies were posted when folks were using dialups for internet access riding non suspension bikes and GoPros werent invented, so bear that in mind.

"Gotcha" movie... it's all in the dismount. 118k


South Yuba Canal & the Excelsior RxR movie. 574k


"Fast fun on the Foresthill Divide Loop Trail" movie. 597k


"Rebel Ridge and the 17 Switchbacks to Bullards Bar" 2.7mgs


Stevens Trail... "On The Edge" 2.66 mgs Don't look... it's just too scarry!

"Endo & a Hug" After a drop-in sometimes you need a hug! Too funny... 1.17mg Here is a version for Real Player 1.56mg file size.

Hydraulic Drop-ins... Looking For Gold In Them There Hills Mountainbiker Style 2.1 mg file. Here is a Real Player version... 3.7 mg file size.

Emigrant Trail-Tahoe Donner to Stampede Reservoir. 3.57 mg file

Kayaking the S.Yuba can be hazardous.. Drowning kayaker gif.

Hope you enjoyed these old clips.