Sandusky Trail Project

This is a partial gallery of photos taken during the Sandusky Trail Construction.

The Sandusky Trail is a USFS trail that loops around the watershed of Oregon Creek.
This effort is to complete the Sandusky Trail so that it connects with the beginning of the Truckee Flume Trail creating a 24 mile loop.
The trail will be hand brushed, benched with an excavator and dragged with a three wheeler and chain link fence. Final touch up by hand.
Spring 08 begin construction of a 20' span stone arched bridge that will cross Oregon Creek.
Click on this link for a map. Sandusky Trail map


The switch back is our greatest challenge. Ideally we used a flat turning radius of 6' -9'. With a 5% slope from above, this minimizes trail wear from sudden braking. The outer rims are mostly ramped. Rolling dips before and after each SB for drainage also meant that each switchback had to be carefully considered.

With the excavator, building graceful arching trail is practical.

Older brother gets cold morning jump start from the sweet excavator from Hansen Brothers.

Jon getting ready to build trails using an excavator.

This is a three wheeler that gives even compression on the bench,
carries cargo (fuel, tools, etc), and pulls a drag.

Trail head parking for the Sandusky Trail, the Truckee Ditch Trail, and a future Ridge Trail.
Zachi, Loren, and Brad doing some rock work. A place to sit while you get ready to ride.
The trail head parking is 3 miles past the Forest City turn off, on the north side of the Pliocene Ridge Road.
UPDATE: Parking area was vandelized spring 08 with a tractor loader. Parking and rock bench will be rebuilt by FTA, fall 08.

Toward the last days of the project things started to flail. Older excavator blows a hydraulic seal and then loses power, the lurching crawl back to the trailer.The last day of the project it rained. Getting the excavator and all the equipment out to the pavement turned into a late night retreat.