First Divide Trail

Comments: Most folks ride this trail as they descend one of the downhills into Downieville... usually coming off the Second Divide or Third Divide Trails. This is also a good ride for folks that want to ride near town. This trail is usually open through most of the winter and in the spring can be combined with a ride looping up the Second and Third Divide. This trail was recently completed and was encouraged by the thought that it would keep the mountain bikers off the Lavazzola Rd. and so would result in a better relationship with the locals who were dodging tired bikers... sometimes not to successfully. This is a very easy trail to find and is well signed at the trailheads.

Access To The Trail: From Downieville you head up Main St and after crossing the bridge the road changes to Lavazzola Rd. Right after crossing the bridge you will see the trailhead for the First Divide Trail on the right next to the Water Works. This is also where the famous Lavazolla Falls are.

If you are Coming off the Third Divide you will pass the trailhead on the right after the bridge across Lavazolla Creek. The trailhead is marked. Or you can skip the first upper part and just ride the second lower part which is right before the next bridge and on the left.

If you are coming off the Second Divide you can take a right and drop down and at the bridge take a left.... or after coming off the Second Divide you can take a left towards Downieville and before the bridge, on the left, ride the second and lower part of the First Divide Trail. Enjoy...

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Pictures Of the First Divide
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